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The roman villages of Frascati, Marino, Castelgandolfo, Albano, Nemi, Rocca di Papa are all historical rural towns part of the Roman Castles, in the Rome outskirts, ideal for couples that are after a Italy Wedding with a stylish and exclusive italian wedding setting.

The area of the Castelli Romani occupies an ancient, fertile volcanic area which has allowed since ancient times a flourishing agriculture. The former crater is occupied by two lakes, the Lake of Nemi and that of Albano, located in the province of Rome. It translates literally as 'Roman Castles' or 'Castles of Rome', referring to a collection of wine-producing hills around Rome. The area is renowned for the production of wine, including the white wine of Frascati.

Starting from the Romans , it was an area frequented by the noblemen of Rome for its fresher climate during summer: the tradition was followed by the Popes which still have their summer residence in Castel Gandolfo , on the Lake Alban. Families which ruled in the castelli include Orsini , Colonna, Chigi , Aldobrandini and Ruspoli .

While most of the italian rural villages in Tuscany and Umbria can be challenging to reach, the Castles of Rome villlages are located at short distance south-east to Rome, just a few kms from Ciampino Airport, the roman airport where all the major low cost airlines flights arrive, making it extremely easy to get there from anywhere in Europe, giving you and your guests time to relax and enjoy your wedding day and holiday while saving a fair bit on transfers and travel costs.

The local delicacy is the famous Porchetta (roasted whole pig (pork) with aromatic herbs). Local sweets include maritozzi , a kind of sweet bun. Pizzas here tend to be with a thin, crusty base (typically Roman) and rectangular, with portions often sold by weight, allowing a wider choice of flavours and toppings. Typical wedding reception courses for a meal include starter, pasta, main course, dessert, a wedding cake and coffee (espresso), perhaps washed down with a sambuca, grappa or other digestif.

Just Get Married in Italy can assist with a wedding in any village of the Castles of Rome region.

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