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Get married in a romantic Castle in Tuscany, with a garden civil ceremony is now possible in Tuscany.

Having a wedding ceremony in an outdoor garden in a castle is really a rare opportunity, if not unique! In fact, most of the venues in Italy, allow weddings in the civil town hall or gardens part of the town hall itself.

The castle is composed of a wide courtyard and an open gallery (the lodge) where weddings take place in spring/summer. Inside, there is a marvelous reception room and adjacent rooms. Outdoor civil ceremonies & receptions can also take place in any garden of your choice, within the castle walls.

The castle apartments located at a short distance, can also accommodate you and most of your guests, while many hotels/b&b are located nearby for the remaining guests.

We have a long  experience in wedding in this castle in Tuscany: the whole ground floor is at complete disposal, exclusively, for the wedding party. Its painted reception room with wonderful frescoes, the lodge, the courtyard and the delightful garden will be the special setting for your wedding. Our staff will be glad to help you to organize the wedding, giving you suggestions and advice, to make your wedding perfect and unforgettable.  Each wedding is unique, so we tailor our services to reflect your individual needs.

The Castle was built in 1424 by a wealthy Florentine family and it is one of the most beautiful fortified villas in Tuscany. It is situated on the top of a hill and it is protected by moats, walls and towers which are monuments of architectural art.  One can find a lot of interesting architectonic motifs: the flat-topped battlements, four towers at the corners of the building, a small tower with a clock, the courtyard (with its mottled plastering which reminds us of the walls of the old houses of noble Florentine families), the gallery with four arches and the small chapel. In the gallery there is a well. In the past it received rain-water and was also a refuge and an underground exit from the Castle. Moreover, on top of the walls there is a passage from which you can have a panoramic view of the valley.

The Castle reminds us of famous and important guests who enjoyed its marvellous landscape and the typical products of these hills such as olive oil and wine. In fact, in the hall of the castle you can see an epigraph that reminds us of Pope Paolo III Farnese's stay in 1541. Other important people stayed here: Lorenzo il Magnifico, Pope Leone X Medici and Pope Clemente VII Medici.In 1928 King Vittorio Emanuele III also stayed at the Castle and in 1944 General Clark requisitioned the hall and transformed it into his headquarters.


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Castle for weddings in Tuscany
Private Gardens (or indoor hall as wet weather option)
Outdoors, enchanting atmosphere
All Types: Civil, Religious or Symbolic
Live musicians
Weddings Gallery
Exclusivity, privacy, outdoor ceremony, easily accessible, close to main airport, elegant castle, fantastic wedding photos backdrops

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