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"We decided to get married in a Villa, near Siena, and Just Get Married was with us every step of the way, organising the legal documentation, the catering, helping with decorating decisions and on our wedding day!" Mr and Mrs Stokes, married in Tuscany (read more...)dings in villa in Italy
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Italian venues, including historic palaces and ancient villas provide the best italian wedding setting for either a glamourous or a laid back, relaxed wedding in the italian countryside or seaside wedding locations.

Some Villas allow wedding couples who wish to marry in Italy, to get legally married with a garden ceremony, based on local council authorization. If you are after a ceremony at a specific villa in Italy, we will seek the local council approval. Another option, if a permit is not issued, would be having the legal ceremony at the closest town hall with an interpreter, followed by a garden ceremony at the villa with an English speaking celebrant.

Find a Wedding Venue in Italy

Finding the perfect Wedding Reception Venue for your wedding in Italy

Finding the perfect reception venue in Italy can take a few attempts! We have organized many wedding receptions in the past from grandiose palace receptions, private villas to the most laid back countryside gourmet barbecue and beach weddings! We are happy to assist you with any request, no matter how sophisticated or unusual it may sound!

Just Get Married in Italy! is proud to be a Registered Wedding Planner and not a travel agent! Therefore we don't work with SET WEDDING VENUES or on commission with venues and hotels! We work only for you! On each assignment , we source Venues and Accommodations based on your wedding style, ideas and, more importantly, your budget !

Prior a booking, we forward a short list of venues available in the chosen area. These venues may or may not suit your ideas but they will give you a specific guideline of the venues style, décor, menus and prices available in your chosen location. Upon the engagement of our services , we will then start to work on your wedding straight away, sourcing venues, releasing each villa's full details/address & gathering quotes based on your budget, style and ideas.


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Wedding Planning Services

We are fully committed to our clients offering our undivided attention during all the planning stages. We only accept a maximum of 25 weddings per location, per year as recommended by Professional Wedding Planners Organizations worldwide. For full peace of mind, prior a booking, we also put you in contact with couples who used our services in the past .

We can organise as much or as little of your wedding reception as you wish. You may need someone to book the venue, find a great jazz band or let us step in and organize your entire wedding reception abroad.

Our services can include all or your choice of the following services:

•  consultancy

•  complete wedding planning

•  wedding reception design

•  assistance with all or part of the wedding organization


With Just Get Married in Italy! you are still in full control, but with experts on hand with a wide local knowledge on anything bridal.



View some of the Best Wedding Venues in Italy