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"Having Just Get Married involved made it so much easier. Myself and Stephen can genuinely say we felt no stress what-so-ever on our wedding day, we just got to enjoy every last minute of it. " Mrs Chaney, married in Bracciano Lake, Lazio (read more...)

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes knew exactly what they were looking for in their perfect Italian Wedding location , by choosing Bracciano Lake for their sleek and glamourous Wedding in Italy!

Bracciano Lake Weddings continues to host the most rich & famous of weddings, while still managing to remain one of the most exclusive hidden gems for that unique wedding setting in Italy. Convenientely located just 30km North of Rome, Bracciano Lake was once founded by Etruscans. Throughout the etruscan territory there are many natural beauties, historical and cultural riches which have been preserved and are still visible today. A Wedding at Bracciano Lake offers a unique Italian wedding venue surrounded by splendid castles overlooking the crystal clear waters of Lake Bracciano.

Surprisingly, Bracciano Lake is still a great 'budget saver' for couples who wish to get married at a lake location. If you are after something special and unique, don't look any further for your Lake wedding in Italy: An Italian Wedding in Bracciano Lake has it all!

Getting Married in Italy: Bracciano Wedding Hall, Italian Lake ceremonies, Lazio, Italy
Bracciano Town hall (approx. 30km/12 miles from Rome)
Wedding Hall in the elegant 'Palazzo'
Elegant decor and details
Civil only | all week (excl. Tue)
Live musicians
Mediterrean:spring/summer sunny & warm|autumn/winter mild
'lake wedding' budget saver without compromising on style, easily accessible, close to Rome main airport, elegant Wedding Hall, fantastic locations & backdrops

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