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A Marriage in Australia, is fuss-free & require very little paperwork! Whether your are Australian or an Overseas couple getting married in Australia, the legal process to follow is very similar.




  • a signed Notice of Intended Marriage (we will post it to you at the time of booking)
  • valid passports
  • divorce papers or widow/widower papers (if applicable)


  • a signed Notice of Intended Marriage (we will post it to you at the time of booking)
  • Evidence of the date and place of birth of both parties
  • divorce papers or widow/widower papers (if applicable)



CIVIL LEGAL BINDING MARRIAGE: Once you decide to marry, and upon the engagement of our services, you are required to give our marriage celebrant at least one month and one days notice of an intended date of marriage. The notice of intendedf marriage form (aks NIM) will be sent to you at the time of booking.

RELIGIOUS WEDDINGS (LEGAL & NON LEGAL BINDING): Once you decide to marry, you are required to confirm your religion. We will contact the church parish and inform you of the process to follow, as this vary from religion to religion.

SYMBOLIC, RENEWAL OF VOWS, BLESSING & COMMITMENT CEREMONIES: some couple may for personal reasons, be after a wedding in Sydney, without a legal recoignition. these type of ceremonies are called Symbolic, (AKA commitment or Blessing Weddings) Once you decide on a symbolic ceremony, we will adjust any of our Wedding packages in Sydney to a Symbolic Wedding. The Wedding will have the same feel and caratheristic of a legal marriage wedding, including the list of ceremonies avaialble.Unless told, None of your guests will even notice the difference!

SAME-SEX MARRIAGES: In Australia same-sex marriages are still seeking Legal recognition, although it is not illegal to conduct a commitment ceremony. We can adjust any of our wedding packages in Sydney to your personal choice of a Commitment Ceremony. For more information on same-sex marriages in Australia, visit



Anything that catches your imagination is possible in Australia from a seclusive Beach Wedding, to a hidden Island or a Sunset Luxury Boat Wedding in the calm waters of Sydney Harbour. All our Exclusive Ceremony locations are the perfect canvas waitiing for you to create your own unique wedding from a fairtytale to a bare feet beach wedding of your dreams!



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