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Select your wedding locations and themes from hundreds of Ceremony Locations in Sydney!

A Wedding in Sydney was a dream come true for many couples lthat Just Get Married! has proudly assisted over the years. And it is not a surprise: amazing outdoor wedding locations, clear blue sky and the nicest weather all year around, not forgetting that the Legal paperwork is minimum and the legal process hassle free!

Anything that catches your imagination is possible in Australia from a secluded Beach Wedding, to a hidden Island or a Sunset Boat Wedding in the calm waters of Sydney Harbour. Regardless your nationality or language, any couple can get married in Australia with a Legal binding Ceremony valid worldwide!

All our Exclusive Ceremony locations are the perfect canvas waiting for you to create your own unique wedding from a fairtytale to a bare feet beach wedding of your dreams!

Just get Married! is a registered wedding planner ABN 94 754 242 105
Weddings in Australia by Just Get Married!